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Get Maximum Savings at Both General Dentists & Specialists

1Dental plans are membership programs with exclusive savings. Dentists have agreed to lower rates for members, so you pay a small fee to join and save big at every dental visit.

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What are the benefits of HealthBridge Dentals

Immediate Use

Unlike typical dental insurance, all savings start right away. No waiting periods! You can even use your Care 500 plan the same-day you join.

Strong Savings

We often hear from members who cut their bills in half or save more in their first visit than they spend on a whole year of membership! And all that for plans which cost 50% less than typical dental insurance.

No Deductibles or Maximums

With 1Dental, you save the same no matter how many times you see the dentist. Many insurance plans make you meet a deductible to start saving or limit your savings to just $1,000- $2,000 per year.

Orthodontics & Cosmetics

Savings include braces for both children and adults — no age restrictions! Plus, save hundreds to thousands of dollars on cosmetic work like implants, whitening, veneers, and bonding.

Vision Plan Included

Save 20-40% on the retail price of eyewear and 15% on contact lenses with your EyeMed discount plan, which is automatically included. Over 60,000 participating locations

Prescription Plan Included

Save 15%-60% on generic and 15%-25% on brand name prescriptions. MedImpact is included in the cost of your dental plan and saves you money on your prescription