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The Global HealthBridge program provides:
  1. Medical card that offers instant savings at any facility within the ValuePoint by MultiPlan network. The network is extensive with over 600,000 providers nationwide. The card also provides instant saving on prescription drugs for everyone in your household at any participating pharmacies in USA. Download a card here
  2. A prescription savings card only that offers instant savings on both brand name and generic prescription medication. Save money on prescriptions for yourself and everyone in your household including your pets. This card is free to download at https://globalhealthbrx.com/
  3. Dental Savings card provides is a dental savings card that offers savings on any dental procedure. You can enroll at https://globalhealthbridge.new-1dental.net/member- enrollment .

Individuals without insurance or prescription Coverage- with Just one card , you can reduce out-of-pocket cost, through your care journey. Savings at the doctor’s clinic, more savings at the Laboratory and Pharmacy.

Individuals with limited insurance or limited prescription coverage - can reduce out-of- pocket costs.

Individuals with health insurance, Medicare, or high deductible health plans – our prescription card reduces the cost of medications not covered by insurance. You can also use instead of High copays with some insurance.

Companies that do not provide insurance to employees can use savings card as part of employee benefits.

The Medical Card which includes Prescriptions is issued to one individual only and can only be used by that member for accessing the ValuePoint by MultiPlan network, but the Prescription portion allows any family member to use the card for Prescriptions. The Prescription Card only can be used by any family member.
Yes, you can get a replacement. Simply log in to your registered account and download the card under My Account >> Discount cards. Also, we sent a copy to your email on the day of download, simply find Global HealthBridge email.

Medical savings card

You can access the ValuePoint Provider directory online here. If you know a provider already in the US, you can look up that provider in the directory to see if that provider participates with the ValuePoint program. Simply search by Zip code, specialty or name the doctor or facility, NPI ,Or license number.

On the landing page you will be prompted for two sets of information:
First enter the information requested in “Search by Name, Specialty, Facility type, NPI, or License #”. For most who want to find a provider the easiest way is to enter the type of provider you want to see such as “Internal medicine, Primary Care, Laboratory, Surgeon, Hospital”. You will be prompted for a further selection in the dropdown box after you have entered the type of provider you wish to find. Then simply hit the search button for the Second set of information needed.

Second you will be prompted to enter “City/County & State or Zip. Note you do not have to know the Zip Code of the provider if you know the city and state of the location of the provider. Either the City and State or the Zip Code when entered will give you a list of all eligible providers based on your selection criteria. Information included will be name, address, distance from the main zip code, telephone number. Also note that by clicking on “View Locations” you will find additional information on the provider’s office location, hours of operation, provider credentials and the ability to get directions to the specific office from your destination in the US.

Yes, you can use the “Apply Filters” to limit your search such as miles to the provider from your location, gender of the provider, number of days to get an appointment and other information. You can print out whatever directory you selected, or you can email that directory to yourself.
Yes, every provider’s address will have a zip code. If you know an address, a city and state you can go online to www.usps.com, click on “Quick Tools, then select “Look up a Zip Code”. You can find any Zip Code in the US if you know the address, or the city and state or you can find all cities within a Zip Code.
Good question. Our Medical savings average 39% for Physicians, 33% for ancillary providers, 17% for Hospitals and 50% on prescription. Your individual savings may vary depending on the medical facility you visit, their zip code or state.
The instructions on how to find a provider using the ValuePoint provider directory can be found here


Yes, all participating pharmacies accept the Globalheathbrx card. You can find all 55,000 pharmacies here
Do not want to stand in line at the pharmacy, or do you just prefer the convenience of having your medications brought directly to you? Visit our mail-order pharmacy here to place an order quickly and easily online. Take advantage of the savings without leaving your home!
Yes. You can save 50%. All prescription drugs are eligible for savings. Your individual savings cost may vary depending on your prescriptions.
If you are using a participating pharmacy, our customer service representatives will be happy to assist the pharmacy with processing. Pharmacy Helpdesk Phone Number for claims Processing Assistance: 800-329-0988
Use our drug pricing tool. You will need the zip code, Radius, drug Name, Brand, dosage, strength, and Quantity. It is important you fill all these criteria to use the tool.


Dentists in these networks have agreed ahead of time to give lower prices to members. In exchange, they can spend less time marketing their practice and more time caring for their patients. Think of your dental plan like a Costco membership. Your membership gets unlimited savings at any of the dentists nationwide who are part of your plan.

We have dental related questions answered- please click here

We also have a dedicated customer service; we want to hear from you:
New Members: 888-567-2510
Existing members: (855) 839-9009

Important Information for Service

The Individual’s (member) name, ID number and effective date of coverage is printed on the front of the discount card. The ValuePoint by Multiplan logo identifies the medical provider network that is accessed with the discount card so that the provider knows that you have access to the discounted prices for services. The Points of Care logo identifies the Pharmacy network so that the participating pharmacy will offer the discounted prices for prescriptions. The pharmacy will use the information under “Pharmacy Discount” to process the prescriptions at the correct price.
Customer service number for “Global HealthBridge”- 888-567-2510. This number is the general customer service number and provides access as follows:
  • Option 1: For questions concerning the purchase of your ValuePoint card
  • Option 2: For member ELIGIBILITY and utilizing your ValuePoint card at the provider’s office
  • Option 3: If you are a ValuePoint provider and need pricing or contract information for MultiPlan
  • Option 4: For questions concerning the purchase of your 1Dental card
  • Option 5 For member services for your 1Dental card
Healthcare Provider number for reimbursement information at ValuePoint by MultiPlan – 888-858-7427
Pharmacy Help Desk Phone for Claims Processing Assistance – 800-329-0988